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Lincoln Farm Camp

1980-86 Photos: Compliments of Brett DeChaine


Ellen Kaplan

Junior campers, late night League Night

?, ?

?, ?

Holly ?

?, Eve Reese, ?

Mike Dakabora (something close to that, he was always on a skateboard)

Emily and Fane

Fran Weinstein

Daren Moskowitz (1st base on softball team)

Sara (I think that was it), Matt Marcus

worked with the trampoline and in gymnastics

Adam Stillman? or was that his twin Matt

? (in cafeteria)

Can’t remember any names but Jeff Anbinders( white button down shirt, holding the rail with both hands)

Sean Finter (something close to that for last name)

Dawn ?

? (don’t remember the name but he played that guitar all the time)

?, ?, ?, ? (I am pretty sure they all lived in the same bunk)

Don’t remember either by name. I think Freddy needs some new tactics to get this one in the water.


?, ?, Eric Feinstein, ?, Ellen Kaplan, Adam Walen, Jeff Anbinder, ?(pink shirt), Korin Bar, ?


Arianna???? Drew Morse should remember.

Doug ?


out on a camp trip


Chris ?



? (worked in the gymnastics area)

Drew Morse

Adam Levenson at 15

Drew Morse

Brett DeChaine

Sitting: Peter Feldman, Playing: Eric Kadish, Eric Feinstein

Adam Levenson and Drew Morse

TOP: Eric Feinstein, MIDDLE: Adam Whealan, Chris King, BOTTOM: Peter Feldman, Ken Midlaw, Eric Kadish

Same as above, just a little more of a mess

Peter Feldman, Ken Midlaw, Chris King

Eric Kadish, ?

Peter Feldman, Chris King, Eric Kadish

Kelly Clemente

Peter Feldman

BACK: Bert Oberlander, John Allen, FRONT: Eric Jaffee, ?, ?

Carla Clemente

Phil, Andy???

Jeff Anbinder, Cory Diamond

Jeff Anbinder, Eric Jaffee

?, Peter Feldman

SITTING: ?, ?, STANDING: Freddy Morse, ?, ON GROUND: Nancy Juda, ?

Al VanDam, ?, ?



FRONT to BACK: ?, Jessica Klafter, Natasha Chahaber, ?, ?

Natasha Chahaber, Nancy Juda

Greg Klienbaum
Adam Levenson, ?

Jessica Klajman, Jessica Klafter, BACKGROUND: Eric Kadish
Michelle Semski, Dara Robins

?, Greg Klienbaum

Roller Room

Chantel Metcalf (one of the South Africans), ?


TOP ROW: ?, ?, ?, ? MIDDLE ROW: Adam Levenson, Drew Morse, ?, ? BOTTOM ROW: ?, ? STANDING: Sharon Berman, Dara Robins

Greg Klienbaum


Angie, Seth

?, Angie

Jeff Berman, ?, ?, ?



(tennis guy?), ?, ?

Korin Bar


?, Sara Federline, Korin Bar

Sara Federline

Leslie Fishbine, Ken Midlaw

Benedeta???, ?(her cousin)

Benedeta???, Julio (They were brother and sister)

?, Ken Midlaw

Danny Chehaber

Leslie Fishbine, ?, ?

?, ?, ?, Dawn Rodgers, Leslie Fishbine, Stacey Letche

Jeff Berman, Jen Grant

Samantha McDermott, Danny Chehaber, ?



Dawn Rodgers, ?

Amy Gotsworthy (Jen Grants cousin)

?, Liz Safion, Ted Radway


Jeff Berman, Chris King

Allison Walker

Ted Radway, Mark Monack, ?

Allison Walker, Stacey Letche, Robin Kleinbaum, Frank

Chris King

?, Stacey Letche, Dawn Rodgers, ?, Robin Kleinbaum, Tracey Axelrod

?, Bruce

Amy Feinstein, Lara


TALL GUYS: don’t know, CAMPERS: Natasha Chahaber, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ?, Amy Feinstein, Denise Mensh

?, ?, Adam Levenson, ?, “Sky” Walker(I think)


PHOTOS: Check them out!
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